About me


I am a Service Designer and Design Strategist, fascinated with exploring different user perspectives, delving into the roots to understand the core problem, and designing creative and strategic solutions.

I am passionate about empathising with the users, adding an emotional value to the work as well as developing business strategies that uses the simplest ways to achieve the goal. Highly collaborative and open to work on any challenge to create a positive change in people, businesses, and the planet.

My Background

I am currently an MA Service Design (2nd Year) student at the Royal College of Art, based in London. The Masters course helps me in enriching my knowledge and experience in the field of Service, Experience and Strategy design, working on several social and business projects with different partners.

Prior to my postgraduate studies, I graduated in BE Electronics and Communication Engineering at Anna University, Chennai, India. My graduate course helped me learn how various products are implemented, considering the requirements, ability and feasibility. 

I started my career as a Systems Engineer working with Infosys Limited, where I worked on multiple automation projects for US based Telecom companies. This gave me an opportunity to engage with my clients and comprehend their expectations, from organisational as well as end-user perspectives.

Apart from my professional background, I am passionate about Singing and I am hoping to form a music band sometime in the near future.

My Strengths

I believe my strengths are Root-cause analysis, Strategic imagination, Storytelling and Workshop facilitation. During research, creative problem-solving and business implementation, I can bring insights, approaches and solutions from multiple perspectives. My secret superpower: To discuss and handle difficult situations with ease, through healthy and friendly conversations, therefore avoiding any conflicts within the team.